I have lived in İzmir prior to my undergraduate education and graduated from Psychology Department of Middle East Technical University (METU) in 2006. The same year, i continued to Master’s program in clinical psychology at METU, and completed Integrated Clinical psychology PhD program with the dissertation “Cognitive Aspects of Personality Disorders: Basic Personality Traits, Cognitive Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Problems” in 2012. Throughout my education and afterwards, i have worked in different hospitals and clinics in Ankara conducting clinical applications (psychological testing, assessment, psychotherapy, etc.). After ı got my PhD, I worked as a clinical psychologist in a private psychotherapy clinic for 2 years and I have been working as an Assistant Professor at Psychology Department of private universities since 2014. My psychotherapy interventions are based on Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy Approach. Also, since ı had additional trainings in different approaches, I can use an eclectic approach when necessary. My research interests mainly focus on personality, personality psychopathology cognitive processes in personality disorders and interpersonal problems which are some of those essential and developing issues in clinical psychology. As a lecturer, ı teach cognitive behavioral therapies theorically and supervise the clinical application. I also teach other clinical psychology courses, as well as research and statistics in psychology.

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